About Us
2022-05-30 07:56:46

Who We Are
We’re a team of crypto enthusiasts who see huge potential in the socialized copy-trading markets!
This is why we designed Onebyus, a platform to connect top traders and copiers all over the world to their rightful rewards.
A platform for like-minded people to share and earn together through copytrading.
We believe in trustworthiness, precision, and transparency in our operations.
Join us and grow together with our Onebyus family.


Brand Advantages
1. Multi-dimensional (artificial + algorithm) screening mechanism
We strictly select the high-yield trader through rankings based on big data comparison and professional evaluation, allowing you to copy the trading strategy from the best traders with one click;
2. Cross-platform with one-click copy trading function under milliseconds
Self-developed copy trade technology to meet your multi-currency, multi-type, multi-platform revenue needs;
3. Real-time personalized strategy
With hundreds of traders placing orders on the livestream, allowing you to witness the maximization of real traders' earnings in real time;
4. Open and transparent evaluation system
You are allowed to view trader rankings, yields, live streaming and user reviews in real time through our real-time leader boards, saving you time and worry;
5. Customizable subscription fee/revolutionary compensation model
Emphasise profit maximisation and reaching out to traders, creating a community that strengthens the bond between platform users and traders.


Core Values
We believe that revenue growth depends on our vision, choices, corporate culture and service quality.


What We Offer
•    A manual + algorithmic multi-dimensional screening mechanism
•    An excellent trader ranking
•    A millisecond cross-platform one-click copytrading service
•    Personalized strategy pushing
•   The first open and transparent evaluation system
•    A revolutionary compensation model
•    Professional online customer service


Commercial License
•   Company Name:OBS TECHNOLOGY L.L.C
•   License Number
•   Register Number:1759254